The most well-known headphones on the market are the Beats Studio 3. The audiophiles, music lovers, and fashion-conscious people who use them have come to love them.

But if you work out regularly like I do, you might be wondering if the Beats Studio 3 are waterproof or water resistant.

The short answer is no, they are not waterproof. Fortunately, there is a way to use your Beats Studio 3 headphones in a very humid environment.

We will examine Beats Studio 3 headphones’ waterproofing in this article and offer advice on how to keep them protected from water infiltration.

Waterproof Beats Studio 3?

I understand the value of high-quality headphones that can withstand various uses as a music enthusiast.

Finding a pair that offers exceptional sound quality and defends against moisture damage can be difficult with so many options on the market.

When I first got my Beats Studio 3 headphones, I was impressed with the construction and sound quality. But I couldn’t stop wondering: “Are Beats Studio 3 headphones waterproof?”

Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof?

I can confidently share my experience with anyone thinking about these headphones after using them for a considerable amount of time.

The Beats Studio 3 headphones are not waterproof and should not be used in environments where water intrusion is possible.

If you expose them to splashes or running water, they are vulnerable to water damage because they lack an IPX rating.

This means that you cannot use your headphones while it is raining outside or while you are in the shower or sauna, and I don’t believe any on-ear headphones meet these requirements.

For all on-ear headphones, water can easily enter the hubs through joints and charging holes, harming the delicate electronics inside.

Are Beats Studio 3 headphones sweat-proof?

You can use your Beats Studio 3 headphones while working out in the gym, but with a little bit of necessary caution.

The components in the headphones can be shorted out if sweat gets inside because they are not waterproof or water-resistant (I’ll explain the difference below).

This is especially true if you tend to perspire a lot during your workouts or if the humidity level in your area is high. I can’t risk ruining my pricey headphones when I exercise because I sweat a lot.

Are the Beats Studio 3 water-resistant? [No… But!]

The harm sweat can do to your muffs or earpads is another reason why you shouldn’t wear headphones while working out. They are made of fabric or faux leather and are vulnerable to damage from perspiration.

The lining of the muff may become damaged and begin to peel over time due to the salts in your sweat. Additionally, as bacteria develop in the moisture absorbed by the foam, it will begin to smell bad.

How should I use Beats Studio 3 in the gym?

The Studio 3 headphones are not water or sweat resistant, but with the right headphone covers, they can still be used in the gym.

There are washable and disposable variations of these headphone covers. They are available on Amazon and other online retailers.

They are constructed of soft, moisture-wicking material that soaks up sweat and keeps it off your pricey ear pads. When your headphones are dry, you can wear them for longer periods of time.

With these covers on, you can use your Beats Studio 3 headphones without worrying about sweat ingress while working out in the gym or for extended periods of time while playing video games or watching movies.

How should I handle a wet Beats Studio 3?

Your headphones could be damaged by sweat or water in two different ways.

First off, it might burn the sensitive electronics, making your headphones useless. They might not even power on or charge. Electronics that have been damaged by water cannot be easily repaired and are typically replaced with new ones.

Second, water can also harm your earpads. The material used may slowly and gradually degrade over time, depending on the type.

Are the Beats Studio 3 water-resistant? [No… But!]

Faux leather, which is used to make Beats Studio 3, cracks when exposed to sweat with a high salt content.

Act quickly to stop any water damage if your Beats Studio 3 headphones get wet.

Turn off the headphones: To avoid any electrical short circuits or damage, turn off your Beats Studio 3 headphones right away.

Wipe the headphones down using a soft cloth or towel, trying to get rid of as much moisture as you can.

Dry them out: Placing your headphones in a warm, dry environment is the best way to speed up the drying process. Avoid placing them near a heat source or direct sunlight as these things could harm them more. In a well-ventilated area, ideally in front of a fan, is a great place to dry them out.

Leave them alone for a while: The headphones may need several hours to completely dry, depending on how wet they are. Before using them again, you can leave them overnight to make sure they are completely dry.

Verify them: Check to see if they are turning on after they have dried completely. For help if there are any problems, get in touch with Beats customer service.

Are Beats headphones waterproof?

Typically, headphones are not made to be water-resistant or waterproof. They are uncommon because they have too many moving parts to prevent water infiltration.

However, Beats makes water-resistant earbuds that you can use while working out. They go by the name of Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Beats Powerbeats Pro have an IPX4 rating that designates them as water resistant but not waterproof, so they can withstand splashes of water. They cannot be submerged in water.

You can even use waterproof earbuds during underwater sports thanks to some manufacturers. Swimmers are a particular fan of these headphones.

Are beats studio 3 waterproof, in conclusion?

Because they are not waterproof, Beats Studio 3 headphones are easily damaged when exposed to a lot of moisture. When the muffs are protected by a cover, they can be used during gym workouts.

If your headphones get wet, you should take care of them right away by wiping off the extra moisture and letting them air dry. Never power on or charge wet headphones.

I suggest purchasing waterproof earbuds or in-ear earphones if you need headphones for your workouts because they are frequently water-resistant. One such earbud is the Beats Powerbeats Pro model.


Is Beats Studio 3 waterproof?

Beats Studio 3 cannot be used in rain because they are neither waterproof nor water-resistant. The circuits are easily shorted by water infiltration.

What distinguishes waterproof materials from those that are water resistant?

Water-resistant electronics can only withstand light water splashes, while waterproof electronics can be completely submerged in water. Both terms are incorrectly used synonymously.

The IPX rating is what?

Electronics’ level of water resistance is determined by their IPX rating. The more water resistance it has, the higher the IPX rating. A rating from IPX1 to IPX7 is available.

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