The cost effective Beats Flex through Dr. Dre cordless earbuds attribute Apple’s W1 potato chip. They feature perfectly around all Apple gadgets due to the W1 potato chip.

Although I definitely would not state they are actually as reputable as well as resilient as the Airpods, you may still obtain a nice set of cordless earphones for $fifty or even a lot less. They do very well however from time to time run into problems.

When theBeats Flex Won’t Turn On as well as presents either a reddish as well as white colored strobe light or even no lighting whatsoever, this is actually a popular problem.

Typically, the electric battery, energy circuit, or even energy switch are actually at weakness for this. Firmware bugs might likewise bring about this in some situations.

This complete damage control short article will definitely discuss all the reliable options that could be utilized to determine the problem as well as correct it.

How perform I Turn on my Beats Flex?

how to turn on beats flex earbuds

Let’s very first consider exactly how to switch on beats flex appropriately. This must be actually valuable if you are actually making use of Beats Flex or even some other Beats earphones for the very first time.

The ideal command component (egg-shaped pill-shaped item) possesses an electrical power switch on it. Press as well as keep the energy switch for 1 2nd to turn your Beats Flex on.

How to turn on Beats earbuds Flex
When your Beats are actually switched on, the LED clue will definitely show off white colored to reveal that they are actually powered on as well as possess a fee that will definitely last longer than a hr.

Troubleshooting: Beats Flex Won’t Power Up

If you actually recognize exactly how to switch on your Beats Flex or even possess knowledge utilizing all of them, it is actually opportunity to look into as well as solve any type of possible concerns.

You may utilize a number of these actions along with various other Beats items also given that they are actually reasonably common.

Overnight Charge [Beats Flex Won’t Turn On]

Do it possesses a fee? must be your very first concern when one thing will not switch on. Checking the cost degree will definitely be our very first activity within this circumstance.

The Beats Flex has actually an LED clue close to the energy switch that presents the electric battery’s staying cost.

White: There’s still over a hr to go.
Red: opportunity is actually ending.
Red strobe light: seriously reduced electric battery.
Put the earphones on cost for around 3 hrs making use of a USB-C adapter if you possess a Red or even blinking Red lighting.

However, if you utilize your Beats Flex for a long term time period, the electric battery could be precariously reduced or perhaps lifeless. You may certainly not manage to bill all of them typically within this condition.

Beats Flex Is Unresponsive
You needs to to begin with “wake” the electric battery up.

To perform this, demand the earphones for longer than 12 hrs even though there is actually no charging task lighting on the gadgets. Simply attach all of them as well as leave all of them on the dining table over night.

The electric battery will definitely stir up as well as start billing typically if it has actually certainly not been actually irreparably hurt. You may at that point turn your Beats Flex on typically afterwards.

Beats Flex Won't Turn On

Clean the switch [Beats Flex Won’t Turn On]

You regularly switch on as well as off your Beats Flex earphones making use of the energy switch. The switch may fall apart along with duplicated make use of.

The switch possesses but one more problem. Under the switch in between the ports, dirt as well as particles may gather as well as avoid the switch coming from performing appropriately.

We may clean up the switch along with a suitable electric get in touches with cleaner, like WD-40 Spray, to look for this.

Beats Flex Won't Turn On [SOLVED!]
[SOLVED!] Beats Flex Won’t Turn On
The spray call cleaner will definitely get in the switch as well as below it, distribute any type of dirt or even particles, as well as mend the electric call. Follow the guidelines listed below to clean up the switch.

Locate a location inside or even outside that is actually airy where you may utilize the spray without danger.
Apply WD-40 equally to the switch’s 4 edges while securing the may along with the switch experiencing up.
Target the spray exactly through affixing the supplied straw to the canister.
To take out any type of dust or even particles after use, push the switch twenty to 30 opportunities.
Before making use of the earphones, provide a hr to air-dry.
Your Beats Flex must right now switch on typically if an unclean energy switch was actually the origin of the problem.

Verify any type of physical damage [Beats Flex Won’t Turn On]

Beats Flex Won't Turn On [SOLVED!]

The upcoming measure is actually to very closely review the earphones as well as search for any type of indications of bodily damages, specifically near the 2 command elements, if you have actually examined the electric battery cost as well as the energy switch as well as each seem in functioning purchase.

I earlier had the BeatsX earphones, as well as I presently possess the Beats Flex, as well as I’ve discovered that on each of all of them, the cord is actually at risk to destroy near to the back of the command elements. During make use of, it flexes consistently as well as might endure damages.

[SOLVED!] Beats Flex Won’t Turn On
The Beats Flex’s incapacity to switch on have to be actually brought on by any type of indications of damage or even tear in the cord.

A damaged cord can not be actually repaired in the home, however. If you still possess manufacturer’s warranty protection, you will definitely require to deliver all of them in for repair work or even substitute.

Verify any type of water damage. [Beats Flex Won’t Turn On]

Beats Flex are actually certainly not water insusceptible given that they are actually cost-effective earbuds. That suggests that too much sweat or even water might injure all of them.

There is actually an odds that water will definitely get in by means of the USB-C slot as well as the switches. Your Beats might come to be wrecked if you participate in sweating exercises.

Sweat is actually so much more hazardous than routine water due to its own higher sodium information. Therefore, it is actually normally an excellent tip to confine entering.

You may very carefully open your command elements as well as examine all of them for any type of proof of dried out sodium or even water taggings to look for sweat damages. You possess a short-circuit if you find out sodium inside or even on the circuit card.

Since the very small integrated circuits cannot be repaired at home in this situation either, a professional repair service is required.

Change the battery [Beats Flex Won’t Turn On]

Beats Flex Won't Turn On [SOLVED!]

Any electronic device that uses batteries is a rechargeable device. Over time, they deteriorate and lose their ability to hold a charge.

You should replace your battery after 400–500 charging cycles as a general rule. On Beats headphones, a flashing red and white light is a typical sign of a bad battery.

[SOLVED!] Beats Flex Won’t Turn On
If the above conditions are met, the button functions, and there is no obvious physical or moisture damage, the battery is likely dead and needs to be replaced.

The battery in your headphones has probably gone through a fair number of charge-recharge cycles, especially if you bought them more than two years ago.

Although it might seem intimidating, replacing the battery in your Beats Flex is not difficult. While I won’t say it’s a piece of cake, not much is required. You may quickly order a replacement battery online and replace it by following along with a YouTube video.

You are better off replacing the device or better yet, upgrading to the more recent Beats Studio true wireless earbuds because these are very inexpensive headphones.

Speak with Apple Support

Beats Flex Won't Turn On [SOLVED!]

The troubleshooting steps mentioned above will typically resolve your issue, but since you are reading this, it appears that sefl-troubleshooting has failed for you. It is time to contact experts.

All Beats-branded products have a dedicated support page on Apple’s website where you can contact them, arrange a visit, or send the item in for service.

If they quote you a repair cost that is comparable to the actual product cost, it is better to purchase a new one because Apple is certainly not known for its reasonably priced aftersales service. You will be actually happier with a brand-new product, unless yours is still covered by warranty.


In conclusion, there are a number of troubleshooting techniques you can use if your Beats Flex won’t turn on. Check the charge level first, then clean the power button, then look for physical damage and water damage.

If none of these fixes work, you might have to get a new battery or hire a mechanic.

If your Beats Flex headphones are beyond repair work, you might also think about buying a new set since they are actually cost-effective.

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