Guardian Tales is actually a tremendously well-liked mobile phone action-adventure activity that has actually grabbed the souls of numerous gamers worldwide. However, like any sort of online platform, it is actually certainly not unsusceptible to specialized troubles. One of the irritating inaccuracies that some gamers may experience is actually the “Platform Error 500”. This error normally signifies a complication on the server-side, yet there are actually a number of measures you may need to solve it. In this troubleshooting quick guide, our team’ll stroll you by means of the measures to take care of Guardian Tales Platform Error 500.

Note: Before waging the troubleshooting measures, make sure that your web relationship is actually secure and also functioning properly. Also, check out if the Guardian Tales web servers are actually up and also functioning through checking out the formal activity’s social media sites stations or even online forums.

Step 1: Check for Server Status

The very first thing you must carry out when running into a Platform Error 500 in Guardian Tales is actually to confirm if the issue is actually connected to the activity web servers. Server blackouts or even servicing may induce this error. Here’s what you can possibly do:

  1. Check the authorities Guardian Tales social media sites profiles or even the activity’s internet site for any sort of statements pertaining to hosting server servicing or even recognized problems.
  2. Search for on the web discussion forums or even Reddit neighborhoods where gamers review the existing standing of the activity web servers. If various other gamers are actually experiencing the exact same problem, it is actually very likely a server-side issue.
  3. If you affirm that the web servers are actually definitely down or even undertaking servicing, all you can possibly do is actually hang around up until the programmers deal with the problem. Be client and also attempt introducing the activity eventually.

Step 2: Clear Cache and also Data (Android)

Sometimes, damaged information or even store data may result in inaccuracies in Guardian Tales. By getting rid of the store and also information, you may deal with numerous app-related problems. Here’s just how you can possibly do it on an Android tool:

  1. Go to your tool’s “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to “Apps” or even “Application Manager” (the particular phrasing might differ based upon your tool).
  3. Locate and also choose “Guardian Tales” coming from the listing of put in applications.
  4. Tap on “Storage.”
  5. Click on “Clear Cache” and afterwards “Clear Data.”
  6. Confirm the activity and also reboot your tool.

Now attempt introducing Guardian Tales and also find if the Platform Error 500 is actually dealt with. If certainly not, go ahead to the upcoming measure.

Step 3: Update Guardian Tales

Outdated models of the activity might certainly not work along with the most recent hosting server arrangements, causing inaccuracies like Platform Error 500. Ensure that you are actually utilizing the absolute most latest variation of the activity. Follow these measures to improve the activity:

  1. For Android units:
    • Open the Google Play Store.
    • Search for “Guardian Tales.”
    • If an improve is actually accessible, you’ll find an “Update” switch. Tap on it to improve the activity.
  2. For iphone units:
    • Open the App Store.
    • Go to your account through touching on your account image.
    • Scroll to find the listing of accessible updates.
    • If “Guardian Tales” seems in the listing, water faucet “Update” beside the activity.

After upgrading the activity, launch Guardian Tales once more to check out if the error is actually dealt with.

Step 4: Reinstall Guardian Tales

If the previous measures really did not take care of the Platform Error 500, there could be some much deeper problems along with the activity installment. Reinstalling the activity may assist deal with any sort of degrading data or even installment inaccuracies. Follow these measures:

  1. For Android units:
    • Go to your tool’s “Settings.”
    • Navigate to “Apps” or even “Application Manager.”
    • Locate and also choose “Guardian Tales” coming from the listing of put in applications.
    • Tap on “Uninstall” and also affirm the activity.
  2. For iphone units:
    • Long-push the Guardian Tales symbol on your residence monitor.
    • When the images begin to jerk, touch the “x” on the Guardian Tales symbol to erase it.
    • Confirm the removal.
  3. After uninstalling, most likely to the Google Play Store or even App Store, seek “Guardian Tales,” and also re-install the activity.
  4. Launch Guardian Tales and also find if the error lingers.

Step 5: Contact Support

If none of the above measures deal with the Platform Error 500 in Guardian Tales, it is actually opportunity to call the activity’s help staff for more aid. They may consider your profile and also deliver tailored troubleshooting measures. Provide all of them along with particulars regarding the error, your tool, and also any sort of measures you have actually currently needed to deal with the problem.

To call help, go to the authorities Guardian Tales internet site or even look for in-game help choices.

Hopefully, among these troubleshooting measures has actually assisted you deal with the Platform Error 500 in Guardian Tales. Remember that specialized problems are actually certainly not unheard of in on the web activities, and also the programmers are actually normally fast to resolve all of them. Stay client and also look for updates coming from the activity’s formal resources while waiting on a solution. Enjoy your journeys in Guardian Tales!

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