Anywhere guarded through a reCAPTCHA shows the inaccuracy presented listed below, stopping kinds coming from being actually provided (Client Area Login, Admin Area Login, Checkout, and so on):


This inaccuracy is actually simply featured if the reCAPTCHA site tricks set up in your WHMCS Admin Area perform certainly not possess the domain licensed. This very most typically happens when WHMCS is actually moved to a various domain or even subdomain.


Option 1: Adding the Proper Domain

The very most efficient method to fix this is actually to include the appropriate domain to the site key:

Visit as well as record in to your Google profile

Choose your appropriate Site Key coming from the dropdown checklist


Click on Settings


In the Domains part, include the appropriate domain


Optionally, you can easily get rid of the inaccurate domain right now.

Option 2: Disabling Captcha

Another technique for solving this problem is actually to turn off Captcha. This technique is actually advised simply to become made use of if you no more possess accessibility to your Google reCAPTCHA profile.

This technique calls for carrying out a question to the data bank. Please guarantee a total data bank back-up is actually taken just before completion of the inquiry.

To turn off Captcha coming from the data bank, open your preference data bank supervisor. This could be the order pipes or even a utility like phpMyAdmin. This instance will certainly make use of phpMyAdmin.

Choose your WHMCS data bank through clicking the title in the nigh side navigating door / localhost / v79whmcssupport_whmcs | phpMyAdmin

Next, click the SQL button / localhost / v79whmcssupport_whmcs | phpMyAdmin

Paste the inquiry listed below in to the Run SQL inquiry carton

upgrade tblconfiguration collection worth = '' exactly where environment = 'CaptchaSpecifying';

Click to replicate

Press Go

Banners and Alerts

An effective notification will certainly seem. Captcha is actually currently handicapped as well as you will certainly have the capacity to log back in to your WHMCS Admin Area to create a brand-new reCAPTCHA key. / localhost / v79whmcssupport_whmcs | phpMyAdmin

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